Amplifier Groundaudio DM-12K
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  • Main Features

    Amplifier Module

    DM Series Professional Power Amplifier Using Class-AB Analog Output, Combined With Dynamic Power Supply PWM Modulation Technology, High Efficiency Of 90% Is Close To The Topology Class D, While Retaining High-fidelity Output Pure Analog Signal Without Compromise Between Efficiency And Quality

    Power Modules Commonly Used Copper Pin DIP Components, Neat And Clean Layout, Scientific And Rational

    MOS Transistor With High Conductivity Ceramic Substrate, Directly Fastened To The Heat-dissipate Aluminum Device
    Application Of These Design Concepts For High-power Modules Play A Crucial Role In Terms Of Reliability


    The Built-in DSP Audio Processing Module Is A DSP Chip Processing Module Based On ADI Professional Audio Processing
    Which Provides Rich Audio Effects For Professional Amplifiers
    In Addition To The Conventional Audio Effect Algorithm, 5 Groups Of Preset Program Parameters Can Be Called Directly And Quickly, And The Effect Parameters Can Be Driver-freely Connected With Computer, They're Customized Or Stored By The Users
    DSP Module Has Self-contained Signal Indication And Clipping Monitoring, Each Channel Is Independent

    SMPS Module

    High Peak Lossless Absorption Flyback Switching Power Supply Topology Makes DM Series More Suitable For Large Dynamic Amplification Mode
    Up To 10 Pieces Of Large-capacity Capacitors Of Maximum 16,000W Output Power Watts Can Ensure That Two Channels Simultaneously Have Strong Output Power As Well As Release Output Power Immediately
     It Also Ensures The Full Power Output And Distortion-free Sound Even In A Significant Voltage Pulsation

    Using A New Layout Of Cooling, And Further Optimize The Cooling Defects Of Traditional High-power Switching Power Supply
    Greatly Improving The Product Temperature Rise And Durability, And Ultimately Improve Product Stability And Reliability

    System Protection

    It Has Multiple Protection Features Such As Output Short Circuit Protection, Overload Protection, DC Protection, High-frequency Whistle Protection, Over-temperature Protection, Output Voltage Automatic Limiter, On / Off Progressive Volume Etc
    Well Protect Your System Devices

    Sound Characteristic

    Very High Dynamic Range And A Very Broad Frequency Response (20Hz-20KHz +/- 05dB)
    Low Frequency Is Clear, Low Dive Space, Especially For Large-diameter Speaker, Can Precisely Control, Super Shocking Bass
    Middle Frequency Warm And Natural Voice Full Of Charm
    High Frequency Extension Is Good, Analytical Ability, Clear And Translucent

    Quality Assurance
    Output Stage Module - Adopting The Most Advanced Modulation Power Supply Technology And Enhanced Drive Circuit Makes The Output Stage Module More Efficient And Ensures A Lower Temperature Rise
    All Devices Use Copper Pin DIP Componets
    Power Tubes Are Installed Directly In The Aluminum Radiator Without Insulation Medium, Through Reducing Thermal Resistance To Increase Transient Allowance, Ultimately Reduce The Risk Of Burning Power Tubes

    SMPS Module - Using Enhanced Power Supply, Neat And Clean Layout, Scientific And Rational
    SMPS Module Has Independent And Completed Cooling Duct, Which Are Very Important For Large Power SMPS Amplifiers
    SMPS Module Adds A Set Of Separate Metal Shields To Achieve A More Professional Partition Layout Between Modules

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Technical Specification

8 ohms per ch. (all ch.' s driven)           2000W ×2
4 ohms per ch. (all ch.' s driven)          3300W° ×2
2 ohms per ch. (all ch.' s driven)           5500W° ×2
8 ohms Bridged per ch.                          6600W* ×1
4 ohms Bridged per ch.                         12000W* x1

Performance with Gain

THD+N (typical)                                    0.05% (THD at 1 kHz and 1 dB below clipping)
Frequency Response                             20Hz-20KHz (+0/-0.5 dB, 1/4 W into 8 ohms)
Signal To Noise Ratio                           95dB
Damping Factor                                       300 (8  load, 1 kHz and below)
Slew rate                                                  35V/uS
Channel separation                                 70dB (8  load, 1 kHz and below)
Amplifier gain selectable                       26dB/32dB/38d
Input Impedance                                   20K/10K (balanced/Unbalanced)
Default gain(MAX)                                   44.3dB
Output Circuitry                                    Class D+AB**
Cooling                                                     front-to-rear airflow, temperature controlled speed
Protection circuit                                  Soft start, VHF, DC, short circuit, clip limit, over heat, progressive volume

Led and Function

Front panel indicator                        Working state, signal, clip limit, prot
Front panel                                           Power switch/Volume control
Rear panel                                             Stereo/Parallel/Bridge/Gain switch/ground switch

DSP Functions

CODEC                                                   24-Bit, 192KHz Stereo Audio CODEC
Sampling                                              96KHz
Total delay                                            18ms
PEO                                                         Each output Channel 5 PEQ
LIMITER                                                -24~12dBu

Led and Function

Front panel indicator                         Working state, signal, clip limit, prot
Front panel                                          Power switch/Volume control
Rear panel                                           -  Stereo/Parallel/Bridge/Gain switch/ground switch


Input connectors (per ch.)               3-pin XLR, electronically balanced
Output connectors (per ch.)            NL4 Speakon and Binding Posts


Product outline dimension            483mmx501mmx89mm
Outer packing size                          620mmx590mmx185mm
Gross weight                                      21.5 kg
Power                                                 ~200V-265V/50Hz-60Hz. +10%