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Hill Audio LMR 2442 FXC Audio Mixer

Rs.77,625.00 Rs.73,743.75


The Hill Audio Multimix LMR-2442-FXC-USB is a 19’’-rackable live mixing desk comprising everything required for medium-sized events. One-knob compressors in the 8 mic/line inputs make dynamics management easy, and the 3-band EQs with semi-parametric mids allow precise tonal adjustments. 4 stereo input channels provide connections for a variety of other sources, two of these also fitted with 3.5mm TRS inputs in case the desk needs to be temporarily converted to a DJ console. 4 subgroups grant a structured approach to the mixdown. 4 AUX busses are available, two of them pre/post-fader switchable for either effects or monitoring purposes, and two post-fader routed for effects purposes. One of the post-fader AUX busses is routed to the sophisticated internal effects processor which features a larger LCD clear text display and up to 3 editable parameters per algorithm. The comprehensive monitoring and solo facilities help to make the operation transparent and intuitive. A USB audio interface for basic stereo replay and recording completes this comprehensive mixer concept, making the LMR-2442-FXC-USB a true descendant of the original Multimix range.

  • 8 mono mic/line inputs with gain control, one-knob compressor, 75Hz highpass filter, 4-band semiparametric EQ, 4 AUX busses, pan control and peak LED
  • 2 mono Mic/stereo Line inputs with gain control, 4-band shelving EQ, balance control and peak LED
  • 2 stereo Line inputs with gain control, 4-band shelving EQ, balance control and peak LED
  • 5mm TRS stereo inputs in 2 stereo channels
  • 60mm faders for level control in all channels
  • All mic channels with insert jack
  • Channels assignable to Master (LR) or subgroup pair 1+2 or subgroup pair 3+4
  • 4 Subgroups with external outputs, assignable to Master L or R, 60mm fader per subgroup
  • Switchable +48V phantom power for microphone inputs
  • Two AUX busses fixed post-fader (one assigned to internal effects), two AUX busses switchable pre/post
  • Post-fader AUX returns re-routable to Monitor AUX send
  • TriCore DSP 24-Bit stereo effects processor with LCD display, external output and footswitch control. 15 algorithms in 6 groups, editable in up to 3 parameters per algorithm. Tap tempo function.
  • Tape record/playback with flexible routing
  • USB stereo soundcard for replay and recording
  • Control Room/headphones output with selectable source
  • Master with 60mm fader and 2×15 LED meter
  • SOLO for channels and AUX send, PFL/AFL
  • Internal switch mode power supply
  • Full metal case with detachable plastic side panels and mountable metal rack ears (included)
  • CE/ROHS compliant


  • Frequency response (MIC IN @ -20 dB) | Mic In to Main Out (Trim at 0 dB): 10Hz – 22kHz +0 -1dB
  • THD (MIC IN @ -20 dB) | Mic In-Main Out, 20Hz-20kHz: (Trim at 0 dB, Main output at 0 dB): 0.007%
  • Signal-to-noise ratio | Mic In to Main Out (Trim at 0 dB): >85dB
  • Preamp Noise (EIN) | 20 Hz to 20 kHz, (150Ω source): -114 dB
  • Residual Output Noise | All level controls @ minimum: <-88dB
  • Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR) | Maximum Gain: >50dB @ 1kHz
  • Crosstalk | Adjacent channels/ Same channel (stereo separation): -65dB/-40dB
  • AC supply 100-250V~ 50Hz-60Hz (35W)
  • Dimension 443.0×412.0×103.0 mm WxHxD
  • Weight 7.05 kg

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