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FLEXSYS FM12 2- Way Active Co-axial Stage Monitor

Rs.80,800.00 Rs.76,760.00

Technical Data

Speaker Type   –   2-Way Active Coaxial Stage Monitor

Acoustical data

Frequency Response    –   67 – 20.000 Hz

Max SPL   –   126 dB

HF  –  1 ”

Type HF   –  compression driver

Horn   –  CD Horn

LF    –   12″


Amp Technology  –  Digipack™

Amp Class  –  Class D

Power PRG  –  600 W

Peak Power  –  1200 W


Controller   –  DSP 24bit/48kHz

System Presets   –   8 presets

Limiter   –   Dual Active
Peak, RMS, Thermal


Housing   –   Multiplex with H.E.T coating, reinforced

Housing Design  –   Multifunctional, Low Profile

Angles Up   –  2 monitor angles °

Width   –   450 mm (19.6 in)

Height   –  290 mm (11.6 in)

Depth   –   410 mm (16.4 in)

Weight   –  17 kg (37.48 lbs)

Notes: The data are not binding; dBTechnologies reserves the right to modify the data at any time and without previous notice.


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The FM 12 active stage monitor packs an assertive punch, rendering lead vocals, guitars, electronic instruments, and playback tracks with power and authority.

The FM 12 is the first choice for demanding musicians and DJs who work in loud environments.

Featuring a 12“ woofer and considerable power handling capability, it is well equipped for use as a powerful fullrange monitor.


FM Series monitors feature a powerful DSP that offers a crossover, digital multiband limiters, phase correction, and eight variable presets that serve to adapt the monitor to the varying demands of vocalists, instrumentalists, and audio playback applications.
digipack™ modules were developed specifically for use in very compact active systems, based on the innovative technology designed for our digipro® power amps and used in our high-end DVA and DVX series products.