Amplifier Groundaudio DM-18K 9000W X 2 @ 2 Ohms
Category Amplifiers
  • Features

    *Class AB + D Analog Output Circuit
    *High Efficiency Power Modules
    *World Famous Brands Electronic Components For Excellent Sonic Quality
    *Swith Mode Power Supply
    *Superior Stability At Continuous Full-power On 20 Loads
    *Suitable For Significant Fluctuant Working Voltage Without Sound Distortion
    *New Heat Dissipation Layout, Greatly Improve Amp Temperature Rise And Its Durability
    *Very High Dynamic Range And Wide Frequency Response (20Hz-50KHz+/-0

  • 5dB)
    *Neutrik SpeakON NL 4 And Binding Post Output Connectors
    *Input Sensitivity Selector On Rear Panel(32dB/1V/0
  • 775V)
    *Routing Mode Selector On Rear Panel(Stereo/Bridge/Parallel)
    *Mains Circuits Breaker On Rear Panel
    *Channel Independent Temperature, Protection And Clip Warning Indicators On Front Panel

    DSP Version
    *Master DSP «DAU1701(28-/56-bit, 50 MIPS Digital Audio Processor)
    *SAMPLING Rate 96KHz
    *Adjust Delay Time By Manully Via Front Pannel Controler For Easy Time Elighn Features
    *Digital Controle Noice Gate And Limiter Indipendantly Protect Your Speaker Drivers
    *5 Usser Preset Save And Recall
    *PC Conected Via USB / RS 485, Include User Friendly Software Applications
    *Mid To Big High-end Pro-touring

    *Mid And Large Size Clubs And Installations With High Power Density Requirements
    *Professional Rental Applications

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Technical Specifications

Model Name                                                                                     DM-18K
Number of amplifier channels                                                                       2   

Max. Output Power (all channels driven)

Max. Output Power (all channels driven)  
8 ohms                                                                                                  2600 W
4 ohms                                                                                                  4800W*
2 ohms                                                                                                  7500W*
Max output power bridged 8 ohms    9000W*
  4 ohms    18000W*

Audio Performance

THD+N (THD @ 1 kHz and 1 dB below clipping)                              $ 0.05%
Frequency Response(+0/-0.5 dB, 1/4 W into 8 ohms)                 20Hz - 50KHz
S/N                                                                                                        ≥ 95 dB
Damping Factor (8 Q load, 1 kHz and below)                                 ≥ 800
Slew rate                                                                                               35V/uS
Channel separation(8 Q load, 1 kHz and below)                             ≥ 70dB

Analog Input

Input Impedance (balanced/Unbalanced)                                       20K Ohms/10K Ohms


Output Circuit                                                                                      Class D + AB **
Protection circuit                                                                        Soft start, VHF, DC, short circuit, clip limit, over heat, progressive volume


Input Sensivity                                                                             0.775V/1V/32dB
Voltage gain                                                                                    45.4dB

Back panel Interface

Analog, 2-channel 1/0 (input + link)                                      4 x 3-pin XLR, electronically balanced
Output connectors                                                                    Neutrik speakON (1 x NLT8, 2 x NLT4) or 4 Binding Posts (pairs)
Cooling                                                                                           Five fans, front-rear airflow, temperature controlled speed
Switch                                                                                           Stereo/Parallel/Bridge switch/Sensitivity switch/Ground switch

Front-panel user interface

Display                                                                                         Power ON/SIG/CLIP/TEMP/PROT
Power button                                                                                POWER ON

Mains Power

Voltage                                                                                             ~200~265V/50-60Hz, $ 10%


Amplifier Dimension                                                                   483mmx501mmx89mm
Package Dimension                                                                     620mmx590mmx185mm


Gross Weight                                                                             21.5kg


1. "*", Measured by pulse signal.
2. "**" Class D + AB, PWM Modulate power supply + Class AB analog topology.
3. The amplifier's PSU operates as a non-resistive load, so the calculation "Volts x Ampere=Watts" would not be correct.
4. All specifications are subjected to change without notice.