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Koer UM 400 Proffessional Wireless Microphone System

Rs.58,000.00 Rs.55,100.00


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Automatic frequency scanning function, infrared frequency.


Electronic volume, digital display.


With an excellent cardioid pointing head, the sound is clear and bright.


The microphone has a beautiful streamlined appearance for more comfortable grip.


Efficient battery power design allows the microphone to last longer.


Unique ID code pilot technology to solve cross-frequency crosstalk.


Selection of high-quality components, the reliability of accurate and reasonable circuit design is greatly improved.


Full information TFY display, can display audio dynamics, channel frequency, etc.


Wireless conference microphone parameters
Frequency switching Infrared sync
Transmit power 20mW
Modulation FM
Modulation 30KHz
Higher harmonics 40dBc below the main wave reference
Use battery voltage 3.7V 18500 lithium battery
Continuous use time 8 hours




Receiver parameters
Use power adapter voltage DC12V-18V
Power consumption 7W
Signal to noise ratio > 90dB
Artifact ratio > 100dB
Adjacent channel interference ratio > 80dB